Why Organic

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We make our products with organic ingredients. This makes perfect sense.

We want to treat the world with respect. The choice to use organic ingredients for our formula was therefore quickly made. Organic farming uses only natural resources and natural processes to minimise its impact on the environment and biodiversity. Why would you want anything else?

Organic is becoming more popular

A growing number of people choose organic products, also for their children. Therefore, more and more organic agricultural and horticultural businesses are being set up and the range of organic products in shops is growing. With over 2100 registered organic farms in the Netherlands and 75.000 hectares of organic land we are well on our way, but as far as we are concerned this is still not enough (source: www.skal.nl).

In recent years, more organic goat farmers have joined the movement and they also supply more organic goat milk. In 2019, over 36 million litres of organic goat’s milk was produced in the Netherlands. This is well over 45% more than in 2017! (Source: www.CBS.nl).

Organic: is it all that different?

Organic farming is less intensive and better for biodiversity. Our organic formula is therefore made from organic milk and products derived from organically grown plants. Our organic farmers and goat keepers comply with all kinds of rules regarding the origin of their raw materials, the production, storage and processing of the products they produce. This is also monitored.

All the Organic crops we use are produced without chemical pesticides or artificial fertilisers. And that also applies to the pastures where our organic goats graze and the feed they are given. The stables where the goats are kept have a nice layer of bedding and the goats have more space compared to an ordinary stable. Our organic dairy goats are also not treated with (preventive) antibiotics or hormones. Furthermore, our formula is free from ingredients obtained through genetic modification (GMO). In fact, the use of GMO is strictly prohibited if you produce organically.

Organically certified

You can’t just sell a product as “organic”. The organic label is protected by law and may only be used for products of which the production process and the composition meet legal requirements. These requirements are the same for all EU countries – which is convenient, as it ensures that everyone follows the same regulations.

In the Netherlands SKAL BIOCONTROL (www.skal.nl) monitors all organic companies and their ingredients. For example, all our suppliers of organic ingredients are inspected, as are our production location, storage and distribution. And finally, our administration is also audited. The result is that we are certified and proudly display the rectangular green European organic logo on our packaging!

You can also check the SKAL BICONTROL website yourself to see if a company is really organically certified.

For more information on the European Organic logo, visit:


Organic, and what else?

We take it one step further than just using organic ingredients. We consciously use only organic crops from Europe. You will not find any palm oil, coconut oil or soya oil in our products. We also add omega-3 DHA* made from algae instead of tuna (fish oil). Simply because we believe that sometimes you can be a little more critical about what ingredients you add to your products.

For more information, please refer to our FAQ page.

* As of 2020, the addition of omega-3 DHA to infant formula is required by law.

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