Geitenmelk kunstvoeding

Industrially produced goat follow-on milk

An innovative solution in the world of baby food

The introduction of industrially produced goat follow-on milk on the market has brought a significant change in the world of baby food. The search for alternatives to cow milk products led our founder, Frank Dekker, in 2018 to develop this formula. His personal experiences with his young son, who often suffered from cramps due to cow milk products, inspired him to develop goat milk formula together with Rogier van Anholt (a doctor of biology).

Organic goat milk formula

Frank's son responded better to goat milk. This motivated him to develop an organic variant. At that time, there was no organic goat milk formula available. The necessity for an alternative product for babies with cow milk sensitivities prompted Frank to found the Pure Goat Company with Rogier.

Why did it have to be organic?

But why did it have to be organic, you might ask. Frank provides the following answer: "Organic farming is less intensive and better for biodiversity. Our organic follow-on milk is therefore made from organic milk and products derived from organically grown plants. Our organic farmers and goat herders adhere to numerous regulations regarding the origin of their raw materials, the production, storage, and processing of the products they generate. And this is also monitored.

All the organic plants we use are produced without chemical pesticides or artificial fertilizers. And this also applies to the meadows where our organic goats graze, as well as the feed they receive. The barns where the goats are housed have a comfortable layer of bedding, and the goats have more space than in a regular barn. Our organic dairy goats are also not treated with (preventive) antibiotics or hormones. Additionally, our follow-on milk is free from genetically modified organisms (GMO)."**

Alternative to cow milk

Goat milk formula offers an alternative for parents looking for options other than traditional cow milk products. Frank's story is an inspiring example of how personal experiences can lead to innovations that can make the lives of other parents a little easier.

This Is how we make our formula

Like all follow-on milk products, our products meet all legal requirements. At Pure Goat Company, we use whole goat milk for our formula. We supplement it with additional lactose, vegetable oils, and GOS fibers, all naturally organic. Finally, we add the usual additional nutrients. These include DHA (from algae), iron, and other vitamins and minerals.* For all our products, extra lactose is the only carbohydrate source.

Do you have questions about our goat milk formula? Then feel free to send a message to Do you want to learn more about Frank and his story? Here you will find more information.

*As specified in the regulations for follow-on milk.
**As with all organically certified products.