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Our story

So Frank was on a mission. Follow-on formula based on goat milk, yet organic. Frank already worked in the food industry, so you didn't have to tell him anything about procurement and production. That first-hand experience served him well. But there was yet to be a recipe for follow-on milk. But Frank had already a solution for this. He asked Rogier van Anholt for support. After a career at university (he holds a PhD in biology), Rogier worked as a researcher/developer for several (baby) food companies for over 12 years.

... and then?

Well, he still spent 2 years (!) figuring out the organic goat story. After all, it was pretty pioneering. Nevertheless, he did it with love. Love for his little boy, for goats and for Mother Nature!
The rest is history. Pure Goat Company is growing. But there is one thing that always prevails: we respect the world!

Organically certified 

You can't just sell a product as "organic". The organic label is protected by law and may only be used for products that meet the legal requirements for the production process and composition. These requirements are the same for all EU countries. Very convenient, as you can be sure that everyone follows the same regulations. Would you like to know more? Please read our Organic blog.

That 's how we are...


Pure Goat Company is not satisfied with
the status quo. For us, critical means that
we take all questions seriously and that
we want to inform people well.


We are not afraid and especially not afraid to
express our opinion.


We want to turn the world of baby food
upside down with our quirky view of the world.


Fair is fair. The Pure Goat Company
considers it quite normal to simply
communicate transparently.

Bit brutal

We are sharp and can seek attention with clever (word) jokes, but also make people think.

The management team

Frank Decker


Message to Frank

Lisa v/d Cruijsen

Product Manager

Message to Lisa

Stephanie Carol

Marketing Manager

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