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Goat milk

Follow-on formula based on goat milk

A2 milk

A goat naturally produces only A2 milk, unlike a cow.


Our products are organically certified

Without fish oil

Our follow-on milk contains DHA like all follow-on milk but DHA from algae and not fish oil

Palm oil and soy-free

With sunflower and rapeseed oil only

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Outstanding service! Other companies can take an example from this. Keep up the good work!

The Netherlands

Ordered before 23:00 and delivered the next day. Super!


Good service and fast delivery!

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Nice website to order. Fast delivery.

The Netherlands

Friendly and quick customer service!


Frequently Asked Questions

Follow-on formula based on goat milk is a good alternative to follow-on formula based on cow milk. Our products have a mild flavour and meet all legal requirements.. And...'The goat is just a slightly different animal.'

Our products, like all organic products, are certified organic according to European standards. All Organic products must meet the same European standards in order to obtain the Organic certificate. This means that independent organisations supervise and check that all rules for organic farming and production of organic foods are being complied with. In the Netherlands, SKAL Biocontrol ensures that all rules are followed: www.skal.nl.

The European logo for organic products on our packaging means
- that crops are grown without chemical pesticides and that also applies to the feed that the goats receive
- that no artificial fertilizers are used
- that products are free of genetically modified ingredients (so guaranteed GMO-free)
- that dairy goats do not receive (preventive) antibiotics and are not treated with growth or milk-stimulating hormones
- that dairy goats have more space in the barn and must also be able to go outside
- that as little waste as possible is produced and that it is reused as much as possible

We make our follow-on formula based on whole goat milk.
Whole milk means that we do not extract anything from the milk before we process it. The taste of our products is mild and creamy. We don't think our follow-on formola tastes like goat.

Palm oil is mainly produced in Asia and is then shipped to Europe. The vast majority of palm oil is produced in an unsustainable manner, at the expense of the environment and the rainforest (see for example the website of the World Wildlife Fund www.wnf.nl or Greenpeace www.greenpeace.org). Of course we could also have opted for sustainable palm oil - yes, that exists and there is a very good international initiative for this (have a look at www.RSPO.org). But we didn't do that. Now you're probably wondering why there is palm oil in formula. Well, because palm oil is very cheap.

We also do not use soybean oil from Brazil or coconut oil from Asia. Why should we source vegetable oil from all over the world, when we have excellent ingredients ourselves? So rapeseed oil and sunflower oil, straight from Europe.

We are a bit more expensive

We are by no means price fighters. But our higher price tag is easily explained. For example, a goat gives an average of 3 litres of milk daily. On average, a cow produces as much as 28 litres per day. Therefore, we need to keep more goats to produce the same amount of milk, which involves incurring various costs, from feeding and mucking out stables to milking. We invest a lot of time and money in finding the best quality ingredients. Ideally organic. These are rarely - well, actually never - the cheapest ingredients.

So, that’s why.

goatmilk infant formula best ingredients

Switch from breastfeeding to follow-on formula

Are you thinking of switching to follow-on formula? Always consult an independent expert, like your doctor or the consultation office. If you then decide to give follow-on formula, use a phase-out schedule. Read more about this in our Blog.

Organically certified

You can't just sell a product as "organic". The organic label is protected by law and may only be used for products that meet the legal requirements for the production process and composition. These requirements are the same for all EU countries. Very convenient, as you can be sure that everyone follows the same regulations. Would you like to know more? Please read our Organic blog (link to blog page). (We also use this text blog at “about us”.)

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