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Organic - Goat - Follow-on formula

Goat milk

Follow-on formula based on goat milk

A2 milk

A goat naturally produces only A2 milk, unlike a cow.


Our products are organically certified

Without fish oil

Our follow-on milk contains DHA like all follow-on milk but DHA from algae and not fish oil

Palm oil & soya free

Sunflower- and rapeseed oil only - better for the world :-)

Why goat milk?

Simply because it is a good basis for follow-on formula. And a great alternative to follow-on formula based on cow milk. Our products have a mild taste and meet all legal requirements*. And as Frank, the founder of Pure Goat Company, always says: 'The goat is just a different animal."

*just like all follow-on formula

Our follow-on formula

'One takes... organic full-fat goat milk.' Full-fat milk means we do not extract anything from the milk before processing it. We supplement this with extra lactose, vegetable oils and GOS fibre, all Organic, of course. Finally, we add the usual extra nutrients, such as DHA (from algae!), iron and other vitamins and minerals*. minerals.*

*as laid down in the follow-on formula legislation

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Very friendly and helped quickly when I had a problem.


Outstanding service!
Other companies can take an example from this.
Keep up the good work!

The Netherlands

Very fast delivery. Super!


Fantastic service - very fast delivery!

The Netherlands

Nice website to order. Delivered quickly.

The Netherlands

Our story

Above all, this is Frank Dekker's story. And of his little son. The little boy was given follow-on formula based on cow milk, but after a while, they switched to follow-on formula based on goat milk. Goat milk turned out to be a great alternative. Phew. So nice. But there was one problem... it was not organic. This was important to Frank. So he got to work himself. Let's goat!

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