why goat's milk for babies

That's why goat milk

Of course, our follow-on formula based on goat milk meets all legal requirements as it applies to all follow-on formula products. Pure Goat Company's products are of high quality. We make sure that everything is checked thoroughly by independent laboratories: the goat's milk, the other ingredients, and the final powder in the tins.

Organic, right?

We make every effort to make our products Organic. For instance, we use Organic goat's milk. And we succeed in adding more and more Organic ingredients. Furthermore, our farmers and goat farmers all work organically, plus their goats are fed Organic food.

mleko następne z mleka koziego a nietolerancja laktozy lub alergia na mleko krowie

A different protein

An interesting fact about the goat: the animal naturally produces only A2 milk, unlike a cow, which produces a mixture of A1 and A2 milk. A2 milk contains different proteins compared to A1 milk.

Full-fat milk
Because our follow-on milk is made from full-fat milk, it contains milk fat naturally present in goat's milk. This is then supplemented with fats from sunflower and rapeseed.

Please note that our follow-on milk is not suitable for babies with lactose intolerance or cow's milk allergy.