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How we make follow-on formula

Our Pure Goat Company's Organic Follow-on formula is made from organic full-fat goat milk and supplemented with extra lactose, sunflower, rapeseed oil, and algae-based DHA*. We then add the usual nutrients such as iron, vitamins and other minerals*. Finally, we add Organic GOS fibre from milk. The minimum ingredient to be present in follow-on milk is set by law. It also stipulates by law which nutrients can be added optionally. GOS fibre is one of the optional ingredients.
Apart from the GOS fibre, all the nutrients it contains are required by law. Which is a good thing. As a brand, you have a choice about the source of the nutrients you use. We chose follow-on milk without maltodextrin, palm oil or other tropical oil and fish oil. Please read more about our ingredients in our blog "More about our ingredients".

* as laid down by law for all follow-on formula


Goat milk

Follow-on formula based on goat milk

A2 Milk

A goat naturally produces only A2 milk, unlike a cow.


Our products are organically certified

Without fish oil

Our follow-on milk contains DHA like all follow-on milk but DHA from algae and not fish oil

Palm oil & soya free

Sunflower- and rapeseed oil only - better for the world :-)

Een blik op ons product

  • Based on whole goat milk
  • Certified organic
  • Without fishoil
  • Palm oil-free
  • With sunflower and rapeseed oil
  • GMO-free (genetic modification)*
  • Certified halal

  • With GOS fibres
  • With lactose as a source of carbohydrates

* Like all organic products

From the goat in the meadow to the baby in your arms!

At Pure Goat Company, we think it's important to be transparent. That's why we show you here the path our products take.
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