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Every now and then we have a discount promotion on our website - we just like that.
Just want to mention the following about this:

  • Unfortunately, we are not allowed to offer a discount on our 400g and 800g infant formula due to European legislation.
  • The discount code cannot be combined with other discount codes.
  • The product discount is only supported for one-time purchases.

Why have I only recently heard about formula with goat's milk?

It is hard to imagine if you live in the Netherlands, but traditionally goat's milk has been consumed more than cow's milk worldwide. In other countries, goat milk has been used for a much longer time for bottle-feeding. Until a few years ago, legislation in Europe only allowed cow's milk and soya in formula. In 2014, the European Union expanded the legislation and since then formula with goat's milk is also available in Europe. Sometimes it just takes a little longer for the rules to change.

Why follow-on formula based on goat milk?

It is great alternative to follow-on formula based on cow milk. Our products have a mild taste and meet all legal requirements*. And as Frank, the founder of Pure Goat Company, always says: 'The goat is just a different animal."

PLEASE NOTE, in case of cow's milk allergy: Our formula is not an alternative for babies with a diagnosed cow's milk allergy. There is a chance of a reaction to goat's milk in case of a cow's milk allergy. If your baby does not have a cow's milk allergy, you could try follow-on formula from Pure Goat Company. Consult your doctor or child health care centre about this.

*just like all follow-on formula


Why did Pure Goat Company choose for Organic?

Our products are certified organic according to European standards. All Organic products must meet the same European standards in order to obtain the Organic certificate. This means that independent bodies supervise and check that all rules for organic farming and production of organic foods are being complied with. In the Netherlands, SKAL Biocontrol ensures that all rules are followed: .

The European logo for organic products on our packaging means

  • that crops are grown without chemical pesticides and that also applies to the feed that the goats receive
  • no fertilizers may be used
  • that products are free of genetically modified ingredients (so guaranteed GMO-free)
  • that dairy goats do not receive (preventive) antibiotics and are not treated with growth- or milk-stimulating hormones that the dairy goats have more space in the barn and must also be able to go outside
  • that companies produce as little waste as possible and reuse it as much as possible that the entire production chain is kept separate from non-organic products.

Is Pure Goat Company's follow-on formula different from other follow-on formula?

All follow-on formula available complies with the rules regarding the quality and composition of infant formula. The legislation is crystal clear about what (minimum) should be in it, so as parents you don't have to worry about that.

We make certain choices with regard to the origin of our ingredients: we choose organic and whole goat milk, of course.

What happens to the young male goats?

That is a sensitive subject. But we also like to give an honest answer to this.

All kinds of products are made based on goat's milk. From goat yogurt and goat cheese to our own formula. For the production of goat milk, there must be lambs are born. Only then does the goat produce milk.

The female lambs that are born later also give milk. But there will be male goats were also born, billy goats. And they play no role in milk production. Of course, a number of billy goats are needed for reproduction. But what happens to the goats that remain?

Goat meat is not popular in our country. As a result, the bucks yield little money. However, this should not lead to poor care of these animals. A lot Organic goat farmers have taken measures to improve the care of the goats

For example, the Organic goat farmers have agreed with each other that the goats grown on their
being born on a farm not going to a fattening farm. The animals stay at least three weeks on the farm itself. Of course the animals are well cared for there.

After that period of at least 21 days, they can take the transport to the slaughterhouse or the export destination (countries such as Spain, Portugal, France and Italy) well*. That takes not to say that the fate of these goats remains sad.

* According to the law, the goats can be taken to slaughter if they are at least a week old
being old.

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