Tijd voor wat basiskennis over opvolgmelk


So, we want to get something off your chest right at the start of this blog:

The best food for your baby is and always will be breastfeeding. There is no debate about that.

But... Suppose breastfeeding doesn't work (completely), what then?

In this case, we would ask you to contact independent experts. In most cases, this will be your pediatrician or midwife. They will be able to provide you with advice and support.

Would you like to switch from breastfeeding to bottle feeding yourself?  Then please seek advice from your midwife or doctor too. This way you can be sure that you are making the best decision for your baby and yourself.

Minimum age for follow-on formula: 6 months

Our organic follow-on formula 2 from Pure Goat Company is suitable for babies from 6 months. Follow-on formula is only part of a varied diet. Our follow-on formula is perfectly tailored to your child's development. Your baby is already starting to become more active. The taste buds also come into their own at this age. For example, when your child gets it first bites of fruit or vegetables. In addition to follow-on formula or breast milk, you can start with jars from the 4th-6th month.

The first jars.

You can tell from your little one's face whether they like their first spoonful of fruit or vegetables. It can happen that the first bites are spit out quickly ...

But please don't give up straight away. Keep offering different flavors so that your child can get used to the different tastes. Because: Young learnt is old made. (This is a Dutch saying so we are not sure if it works in English too ) Also in the culinary field.

What comes after follow-on formula 2?

The successor is - somewhat surprisingly - called Follow-on formula 3. This formula is especially suitable for babies from 10 months. It is also part of a varied diet. There are hardly any differences in flavor between follow-on formula 2 and follow-on formula 3, so the transition to follow-on milk 3 is usually easy.

What does Pure Goat Company follow-on formula contain?

The basis is organic whole goat's milk. We then add the usual additional nutrients to this. Some ingredients are mandatory. Naturally, we follow all recommendations and legal obligations for follow-on formula. 

Follow-on milk 2 (from 6 months) is not a complete food.

It is a supplement to your baby's diet. The composition of this food is designed with this in mind. It does not contain anything that is not necessary. We have only added substances that your little one can use.  These include calcium and iron.

Follow-on milk 3 (from 10 months) has been modified even further.

Most children eat a more varied diet from this age. Normal foods are also already on the menu. This follow-on milk adapts to your child's changed eating behavior.

Would you like to know more? You can find more information about our follow-on milk on our website www.puregoatcompany.com

Do you have any questions? Then simply send us an e-mail to info@puregoatcompany.com