Waarom gebruiken we bij Pure Goat Company eigenlijk metalen blikken?

Why do we use metal cans?

What a goatee question!

The main function of packaging is: to protect the contents from contamination, spoilage and damage during the logistics process and also afterwards. Metal, more specifically: tinplate, offers resilient protection and is one of the strongest barriers against UV and oxygen. This allows products to be stored for longer and less needs to be thrown away. In addition, essential nutrients are better preserved. That makes you and your little one happy too, right?


Another important aspect is sustainability. Metal is a very sustainable choice because it can be recycled endlessly. There are big differences between the number of times different materials can be recycled. Some materials, such as plastics, can only be recycled a limited number of times before they degrade and have to be disposed of permanently.

With metals, a circular flow is possible, reducing the need for new material. Metal also has one of the highest recycling rates compared to other materials. High recyclability and high recycling rates are both necessary for circularity. So throw your empty Pure Goat can in the metal- and plastic waste stream!

Did you know: 80 percent of all metal ever produced is still in circulation? So Goat right?