Waarom geitenmelk voor baby's?

Why Goat Milk for Babies?

Why goat milk for babies?

Breast milk is the best nutrition for your baby, that's clear. But if for some reason you can't breastfeed, or you're considering switching to or combining bottle feeding with breast milk, goat milk can be a good choice for your baby. An increasing number of parents are considering goat milk for babies as a valuable part of their child's diet. Personal preferences play a big role; many parents are looking for alternatives to cow's milk and find goat milk products a welcome option. Cultural influences are also decisive – did you know that goat milk is widely consumed around the world? Therefore, it is not unusual for parents who may have grown up with goat milk themselves to want to continue this tradition. Sometimes it's also a midwife or other experts who highlight the benefits of goat milk for babies, especially for children with sensitive stomachs. Goat milk for babies can also be an alternative here.

Like all follow-on milk products based on cow's milk, goat milk for babies must also comply with strict European legislation. The success of goat milk is evident in its growing presence in stores and online. This could also be a reason why products made from goat milk for babies are increasingly popular among young parents.

Goat milk for babies as an alternative for food sensitivities

Although goat milk for babies is not recommended as an alternative product for children with a diagnosed cow's milk allergy, some parents consider it as long as their child's food sensitivity has not yet been diagnosed. But be careful. Before switching to an alternative diet like goat milk for babies in the case of any intolerance(s), it is very important to do this only in consultation with a pediatrician or a midwife. This ensures that the change is tailored to the baby's health needs.

And one last thing. Some parents wonder why follow-on milk products based on goat milk are more expensive compared to cow's milk products. The cost reflects the lower milk production of goats compared to cows. A cow can give between 20 and 30 liters of milk a day, but a goat only 2-3 liters. Makes sense, right?

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