Wat is Arachidonzuur?

What is Arachidonic acid?

The abbreviation ARA stands for Arachidonic acid, which is an Omega-6 fatty acid. It does a lot of important stuff in our bodies. It helps with things like tissue structure, immune system function, brain development, vision, and the nervous system.

Our bodies can make ARA, but we're not sure if all babies can do it well enough. Breast milk naturally has Omega-6 fatty acids, but the amount depends on what the mom eats. To ensure that infants who are not breastfed also get these fatty acids, ARA is sometimes added to follow-on milk. This in combination with DHA*. However, it is not mandatory to add ARA.

Pure Goat adds ARA and DHA* to the Complete Infant Formula. ARA is added in the form of a vegetable oil, namely Mortierella Alpina. This way, it supports your baby in the development of brain and vision, among other things. 
*As is regulated by law for all follow-on formula