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Mum investigates

Bottle feeding?
Monique wants to know the ins and outs!

We would like to introduce you to our "ambassador". Her name is Monique, and she really is the investigative type. She is someone who wants to get to the bottom of things. A trait that surfaced in all its intensity when she was pregnant. 

Sometimes, unfortunately, mother nature doesn't cooperate

She heard from friends that breastfeeding doesn't always work out. As an expectant mother, Monique liked to be well-prepared. And so Monique began looking for information on bottle feeding. Organic formula, to be precise.

That's how she came across the Pure Goat Company site. She learned about a bottle formula based on Dutch goat's milk. Without tuna fish oil. Without palm oil. And with only organic lactose. So, without adding other sugars, such as maltodextrin or glucose. All things that Monique, as a consumer and mother, considers essential.

She did not hide her enthusiasm!

And so, Monique ordered a tin. She has absolutely no regrets about that purchase. In fact, she was so passionate – it made her husband laugh. He jokingly remarked that she should become an ambassador for this brand.

Monique didn't think that was such a crazy idea. She sent us an e-mail. Her enthusiasm, combined with her critical nature, appealed to us. After all, we are always looking to improve ourselves; Pure Goat Company is an innovative company.

That is why we asked Monique to write a monthly blog about her experiences. Informative for (expectant) mothers looking for tips on bottle feeding. And, on many occasions, relatable too!