de combinatie van moedermelk en flesvoeding

Parent talk: Blog 3 - combining breast milk and follow-on formula

'I had to give breast milk at all costs'

Fairly exhausted, my husband and I are back at the consultation office after ten weeks—bags under our eyes, pale faces, tired. Downright deadbeat. Cautiously, the paediatric nurse asks if I don't want to bottle-feed in addition to breastfeeding. I look at her gratefully.

After ten weeks of only breastfeeding, I am worn out. It is very laborious. I seriously question whether enough milk is coming out of my breasts, and I have already had two breast infections and nipple fissures. Before giving birth, I had vowed not to make a fuss about it, but little did I know that those hormones would be such a mind fuck!

Is breast milk a must?

I was determined, and I cried my eyes out. But I had to give breast milk at all costs because it's the best! I still believe that, but now I also know that many variations are possible. Some mothers succeed, and others don't.

Our little one is not gaining enough weight; the paediatric nurse is worried

At the consultation office, they are thankfully relaxed with the all-too-familiar "curves". That said, my little girl remains underweight. A lovely lactation consultant observed the situation many more times. It was only later that I learned they are not allowed to advise me to stop breastfeeding or give formula alongside it! Such a shame that there is little transparency on this matter...

It is in my daughter's best interest to start bottle feeding alongside it

I don't want to give up breastfeeding, but at the moment, it takes too much energy from both my husband and me. It reached an all-time low when I was breastfeeding for three hours in a row in the middle of the night. I had no idea what was "normal". I figured that was the way it was supposed to be. I didn't believe a friend who told me she breastfed for just ten minutes; I couldn't imagine that.

The paediatric nurse explained that milk production decreases due to fatigue and stress caused by breast infection. It takes a lot of effort and energy for my daughter to drink the milk. So we ended up in a vicious cycle.

Thanks to that clarification and because it dawned on me that things can't go on like this, I took the advice to start bottle-feeding as well. This will give me some space to breathe and get the production going again. do you do that?

I can't find any decent information anywhere about combining breast and bottle feeding

It's either one or the other. Websites claiming "breast milk is best" do not cheer me up; it kind of makes me feel like a failure. I had no idea that manufacturers must state this on their sites!

We feed on demand and intuitively start combining breast milk and formula. We start with breast milk so I can be sure she has fully ingested it. If she is still thirsty after that, we will make a bottle. We are going to maintain a journal and hope to gain insight into what she drinks approximately 

Slowly but surely, I see our little girl changing...

From a petite baby to a "chubby" baby. Little by little, she is getting 'on the curve'. And, not unimportantly, we are regaining our energy. Hooray!

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Response Pure Goat Company:

Naturally, Monique is not the only young mother going through this. Breastfeeding does not always go smoothly, even though your little one needs to drink because of the well-known growth curve.

Pure Goat Company advocates breastfeeding. But is this not working out? Or is there not enough? Then we are happy that our bottle feeding can offer a solution! In consultation with your doctor or the consultation office, of course.

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