Waar ouders geitenmelk kunnen kopen

An overview of Pure Goat Company sales outlets in Europe

Buying goat milk for your baby: a guide for parents

Parents are always on the lookout for the best nutritional options for their children. Many parents proactively seek alternatives to cow milk products, and goat milk-based follow-on formula can be a good choice. But where can you buy goat milk-based follow-on formula? Where you can purchase products from the Pure Goat Company, for example, depends on the country you live in. Here is an overview of where you can buy our products in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Belgium, and France. Please note: We have expanded our service to various holiday destinations in Europe. Would you like our goat milk-based follow-on formula delivered to your holiday destination instead of hauling it in your luggage? No problem. You can simply order through our online shop.

Buying Goat Milk in the Netherlands

Fortunately, there are many purchasing options in the Netherlands. Our entire range is available in over 800 physical stores in the Netherlands, including drugstores like ETOS and organic supermarkets. This makes it easy for parents to buy goat milk locally. Our own webshop is very popular among parents because we deliver quickly, and there are occasional great discount offers*. So, it's always worth following us on social media and/or signing up for our newsletter.

Buying Goat Milk in Germany

For our German parents, our products are available online through Rossmann. Rossmann is one of the leading German drugstore chains. It's convenient to be able to order our products online there and have them delivered home. This way, you can buy our goat follow-on milk online at Rossmann alongside other purchases. But, just like in the Netherlands, our German customers also enjoy our fast delivery service. Many order directly through our website www.puregoatcompany.com. Our German customers also benefit from our regular discount promotions for purchasing goat milk.

Buying Goat Milk in Belgium

In Belgium, we offer our products online through various platforms. These include farmaline.be, newpharma.be, plein.be, and bol.be. Additionally, our products are available at Biovita and can be picked up on order at pharmacies such as Loydspharma and Multipharma. We are continuously working to make it as easy as possible for Belgian customers to buy Pure Goat goat milk. We can see that Pure Goat Company products are becoming increasingly popular in Belgium. How cool is that?!

Buying Goat Milk in France

Although we are not yet available on the shelves of French drugstores, pharmacies, or supermarkets, we are pleased to announce the following. We will soon be collaborating with C-discount, one of the leading online retailers in France. This opens up new opportunities for French parents looking for high-quality goat milk follow-on formula without palm oil, fish oil, or maltodextrin. Just to remind you: We use whole milk for our goat milk-based follow-on formula and only add lactose as a carbohydrate source. We source DHA from algae. Our products contain DHA like all follow-on formula products, but DHA from algae, not fish oil.

Buying Goat Milk Online

Through our own online shop, we offer an optimal shopping experience for customers from the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Belgium, and France. Orders are processed and delivered quickly. In the Netherlands, orders placed on weekdays before 4:00 p.m. are delivered the next day. In Germany, orders placed on weekdays before 2:00 p.m. are delivered within 2 days. For France, the delivery time is 3-4 days, and we can also deliver in Belgium within 2 working days. We hope this overview helps you buy goat milk for your child, wherever you are. Our goal is to provide parents everywhere with access to our products.

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*All our infant formula is legally excluded from all discount promotions.