Bereiding fles opvolgmelk

How to make follow-on formula milk?

How to make follow-on formula milk?

  1. Boil bottles and teats for about 5 minutes to sterilize them. Wash your hands and make sure the area where you prepare the food is clean and tidy.
  2. Poor the indicated amount of boiled water into the bottle as soon as it has cooled down to about 40°C.
  3. Add the correct number of measured scoops of powder to the water in the bottle.
  4. Turn the cap with the teat on the bottle and shake or swirl until all the powder is dissolved. Always check the temperature of the milk on the inside of your wrist.

Always prepare the formula fresh and throw away any leftovers within an hour of it being prepared, in other words, do not reheat it. Improper preparation and storage may pose health risks. Clean the bottle and teat thoroughly after use. Rinse the bottle, ring and teat directly after usage with cold water and wash them in the dishwasher with a minimum of 55°C or using hot water with detergent with a specific brush for bottles. Rinse with warm water after to remove soap leftovers. Let the bottle, ring and teat dry up-side-down on a clean towel.

How to make follow-on formula milk on the go?

Never take prepared formula on the road. Prepared formula should always be stored in the fridge. Take the right amount of milk powder with you, for example in a special milk powder dispenser box. This allows you to take the right amount in different compartments for each formula. Hot water to prepare the bottle can be taken along in a thermos flask. It will cool down to warm water within a few hours. Take a bottle of cold water with you to mix with the hot water if it is still too hot.

How to make follow-on formula milk in advance?

If you want to prepare a bottle in advance, it is best to prepare it cold and only heat it once. We recommend preparing the bottle no more than 8 hours in advance. After preparation, put them in the back of the fridge (where the milk can cool best). Make sure the temperature in the fridge is set at 4°C.