Hoe bewaar ik opvolgmelk?

What is the best way to store Pure Goat Company organic follow-on milk?

How long can I keep organic follow-on formula?
After opening the tin you can keep the Pure Goat follow-on formula for 3 weeks. After that period of time, the quality of the formula cannot be guaranteed anymore. Safety first!

How long can you keep a prepared bottle?
Throw away any leftover milk within one hour after preparation. The best before date of a closed tin is always mentioned on the bottom of a tin.

Can I store organic follow-on formula in the fridge?
A closed tin of Pure Goat organic follow-on formula can be stored best in a cool, dry place. A kitchen cabinet is a suitable place. Do not store the Pure Goat tins in the fridge.

If you want to prepare a bottle in advance, it is best to prepare it cold and only warm it up once.

How long can I keep organic follow-on formula milk in the fridge?
We advise to prepare- and store the bottle no longer than 8 hours in advance in the fridge. It is best to put them in the back of the fridge (where the milk will be best cooled). Make sure the temperature in the fridge it set at 4°C.

Can I store organic follow-on formula in the freezer?
Freezing follow-on formula is generally not recommended because it can alter the composition of the powder and potentially have a negative effect on its quality and safety. Freezing the powder can lead to an uneven consistency and consequently, it may not mix well even after thawing and shaking. Also, freezing can affect the stability of certain vitamins and nutrients in the it, potentially reducing their effectiveness. Over time, these changes can lead to a decrease in nutritional quality.