Waarom we Biologisch altijd met een grote letter schrijven

Why do we write Organic with a capital letter?

An old saying from PR is; do good and talk about it.

Okay, that's what we do. We think it is important to produce Organically certified follow-on milk. Because we think Organic is so important, we always write this word with a capital letter on our website - of course we know that this violates the spelling rules but "never mind".

More and more people are consciously choosing Organic products these days. And that is a positive development. That's why we also offer you Organic follow-on milk based on goat's milk.

We also choose organic
Our follow-on milk is organic. At Pure Goat Company, that simply makes sense. Organic is better for our dairy goats and for nature. We want to help leave a (better) world for your child too.

An Organic goat is a happier goat
Goats on Organic farms have more space in the barn and they can go outside regularly. In addition, Organic goat farmers do not use artificial fertilisers, hormones or antibiotics.

What is so special about Organic?
Well, you have to roll up your sleeves quite a bit before you get the Organic certificate ( by the way, all companies with organic certification try very hard). And that's a good thing. Thanks to strict legal requirements, the quality of organic products is (and remains!) high.

So the Organic certification does not exist for free. The Pure Goat Company has to earn this certification anew every day.
In this blog you can read about what we do - and what we don't do!

We fight pesticides
Do weeds grow in the grass? Then the Organic goat farmer removes it by hand. Yes, it's more work. But it means fewer pesticides.

Plant-based and animal-friendly ingredients
We only add nutrients to our Organic follow-on formula that are good for your baby's development and required by law. We always consider the environment when choosing ingredients for our follow-on milks.

These are the ingredients we add to our follow-on milk:
* Iron, vitamins and other minerals
* Organic lactose (milk sugar)
* DHA from algae
* Organic GOS fibre
* Organic rapeseed oil and organic sunflower oil from Europe. You can find out why this is better than vegetable oil (palm, coconut, soya) from the tropics at www.wnf.nl.

Since 2020, the addition of DHA in follow-on milk is mandatory. We have chosen DHA from algae - and not from fish oil. Fish are better left alone. Why? You can read about it at www.greenpeace.nl.

And... GOS?
Stands for Galacto-oligo-saccharides. These are carbohydrate chains that have been added to baby food for some time. We add organic GOS from organic milk.

So, that's it again. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email at info@puregoatcompany.com.